here is a stone rolled
to the side of a whole hole
wound wound around the
inside of a whole hand
whole world sin sitting
on the crown of one man
god head

three in one big chair
curtain cast open sun
stream streams in on blonde
hairs chosen one sister
sitting and waiting for
easter bunny basket
basket case

grief and loss nails
nailed son of god in
chains tell me why I cannot
experience pleasure without
pains me to remember
great gift suspense of
kingdom come

am I enough
am I enough
am I enough
am I enough
am I enough
am I enough

palm sunday next open palm
nail hole in whole hand
handed down a cure
cured a disease and
left me standing tall
tall order to save
saved anyway

sweet release sweet
salvation the blood and the
stain of sin stained
dress on oval office floor
the blood and the cure
the lips moving more moving words


there is no safety in
easter morning until
safe words spoken and
tomb door rolled it is
the unknowing that we
wake to and wake through

I have never believed
enough on my own
own sin scarred scarred
hands and feet my disbelief
my running feet and
dirty knees lips moving

let it be sun rising
son raised sons dancing on
graves grave looks and
open arms armed and
dangerous in relentless
capture love relentlessly
captivates me