A List of Injustices

To date, there have been more deaths in Kenya
from police brutality trying to enforce curfew
than from Covid-19

there are men serving life sentences for posessing less
marijuana than I brought back from Colorado
that one time

I know a girl who weighed just 92 pounds whe she escaped
a relationship that she labeled “codependent” but
was fucking abusive, okay?

The United States budgeted $633 billion for defense
$106 billion for heath and human services and
$72 billion for education

One night in Spain we got kicked out of a strip club that
might have been a brothel now that I think about it
because some of our friends were gay

My sister has written thousands of words to a friend
on death row in Texas and never knows which
letter will be the last

An old man gave his whole life to fighting injustice but
was a little “too much” to lead a capitalistic
country out of war

My great grandmother was arrested for
making moonshine in her bathtub
during prohibition

My girlfriend’s wife faces dying of brain cancer
within the month alone because of
Corona quarantine

My sister waited for her husband until her wedding night
and when he lost his religion later he lost what
made that matter

Sandra Bland died alone in a jail cell because
she switched lanes in her car without

In South Dakota essential workers are cutting pieces of pork
apart on an assembly line knowing
their families could die for it

Both of my parents have lymphoma within a year
of one another and there’s no conceivable

I live in the most pristine and colorful dwelling
with curated art and refrigerator smiles
and I still want out