The Summer She Realized She'd Gotten So Damn Old

so after all
that bullshit
it turns out
we are still doing
still swaggered sweaty summer
late night creek side simmer
sort of middle school wet dream
fantasy mid thirties
kneeling alongside open car
doors road trip
side show
slow down slow roll
knees bent
stations of the crop top
chop shop hot shot
stick shift to

slide around spread wide
watch your hip
geared up and ready to
go we
only come into our own
as we come again
and again
wild winds whipping waist length
mermaid hairs

silver in the moonlight
just right
not so uptight but still

what if we had known what we know now then
what if we had done what we know now then

back flip summer trip
crows feet laugh lines
doing time
jumping waves jumping line
doing lines

innocence was always the easy way out